About Us

Restoring Health and Hope

Dr. Franklin Perkins, or Dr. Frank, was born and raised in the Hannibal area. His first experience with chiropractic care left him intrigued. Using just his hands, the chiropractor was able to restore Dr. Frank’s health. To qualify as a chiropractor, Dr. Frank attended New York Chiropractic College. He opened Perkins Chiropractic & Wellness Center in 1999 to support the health of people in our community

All ages are welcome at our chiropractic office. We see infants up to patients in their 90s, athletes, pregnant moms and more. In our calm and relaxing environment, your entire family will feel at home.

Get Healthy and Stay Well

We’ve had numerous patients who were unable to walk into the office normally. After their adjustment, they left without needing assistance. It’s not only pain that responds to chiropractic, however. One of Dr. Frank’s younger patients was an infant who had recurring UTIs. The medical doctors gave her medicine but her condition didn’t improve. Her parents, who were longtime patients, brought her to Dr. Frank. After two visits, she had no more UTIs.

It’s our goal to increase your awareness of your own well-being. Chiropractic goes beyond addressing discomfort in helping you stay well in the long term.

Offering Natural Care at Two Locations

Dr. Frank is available on Wednesdays at our second practice in Wolcott. You’re welcome to schedule at either location depending on what is most convenient for you.

Contact us today! We accept insurance and are in-network providers with many plans.

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