Meet Dr. Franklin Perkins

Experiencing Better Health With Chiropractic

At age 13, Dr. Frank injured his back while working on a farm. His mother and grandma had been longtime chiropractic patients. He went to see their chiropractor and felt better after a single adjustment. With an early interest in the health care profession, he knew that chiropractic would be the perfect career.

“I loved the idea of helping someone with my hands. When people come in with pain, I know they can get healthier and live a better life.” Dr. Frank is passionate about chiropractic and is excited to come to work every day.

Dr. Frank attended New York Chiropractic College to earn a Doctor of Chiropractic. He is a member of the New York State Chiropractic Association.

A Healthy, Family-Oriented Lifestyle

Outside of the office, Dr. Frank likes to be active and travel with his family (the kids’ favorite place to go is Disneyworld). He kayaks around Fair Haven State Park and heads to the gym when he can. As a basketball fan, he plays and coaches his kids’ team. He supports the Make-a-Wish Foundation through our annual Patient Appreciation Day.

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